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Exploring the World of Raisins and Sultanas

Raisins and sultanas, two delightful treats, both born from the same grape, yet distinguished by the way they are dried. Raisins and sultanas undergo a natural drying process that allows them to capture the essence of the sun’s warmth and nature’s sweetness. Golden raisins, on the other hand, embark on a slightly different journey, treated with SO2 during their drying process, which lends them their distinctive hue and flavor.

Embark on a Raisin Adventure

Welcome to a world where raisins are not just dried fruits; they are exquisite treasures meticulously selected from the finest breeds and high-quality varieties across the Middle East and beyond. Our esteemed company invites you to indulge in an array of raisins that cater to diverse palate preferences, earning us trust not only in Turkey but worldwide.

Uncompromising Quality and Hygiene

Perfection is our mantra, and it resonates in every facet of our raisin production process. From meticulous selection to the final drying phase, we ensure 100% hygienic conditions. Our raisins are dried in a controlled environment, untouched by human hands, preserving their natural goodness and delectable flavors.

A Bounty of Variety

In our world of raisins, you’ll discover an astounding variety, each with its unique characteristics and taste profile:

Golden Raisin:

Golden raisins, a delightful treat, are crafted from Sultanas that undergo a unique transformation. They are carefully treated with Sulfur Dioxide and then subjected to a controlled flame drying process, resulting in their distinctive golden hue. These golden raisins exhibit a pleasing uniformity in color, spanning from vibrant yellow to light amber, thanks to the meticulous crafting process. (Contains SO2)

Enjoy the golden-hued sweetness of plump and succulent raisins, cultivated with care to bring delightful flavors to your palate.

Kashmary Raisin:

Kashmary Raisin

Green raisins, characterized by their reasonably consistent color, can vary from shades of green to light green and even yellow. Among these, Kashmary raisins, also referred to as green long raisins, stand out. Their flavor profile is renowned for its natural goodness, and these raisins are proudly grown in Kashmar,

Savor the rich, earthy essence of Kashmary raisins, known for their distinctive taste and culinary versatility.

Small Sultana Raisin:

Embrace the tiny wonders of small Sultana raisins, packed with sweetness and nutrition, perfect for culinary delights. Small Sultana Raisin Are selected from Sultanas with the berry count from 350-450 /100gr .

Sultana Raisin:

Immerse yourself in the classic sweetness of Sultana raisins, cherished for their soft, tender texture, a beloved choice among raisin enthusiasts.

Sun Dried Raisin:

Sun Dried Raisin

Delight in the traditional taste of sun-dried raisins, a timeless delicacy carrying the essence of nature’s finest offerings.

Beyond Borders

Our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. As a trusted raisin supplier, we have extended our reach beyond  shores. With our high-quality products and diverse range of raisins, we’ve become the preferred choice for consumers worldwide.

Experience the True Essence of Raisins

Join us on a journey through our exceptional selection and discover the richness and diversity of raisins. We are passionate about delivering raisins that captivate your taste buds, nourish your body, and add sweetness to your life. Savor the essence of delectable raisins, a timeless treat that stands the test of time.

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