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Understanding Pistachio Varieties


Pistachios, those delightful nuts, come in different forms, each with its unique characteristics. Let’s explore the world of pistachio varieties and their distinctions.

In-shell Pistachios: In-shell pistachios are the ones that still have their protective hard shells intact. There are two primary categories within in-shell pistachios:

  1. Open-mouth Pistachios: These are the naturally open (NO) pistachios, often affectionately called “smiling nuts” because their split resembles a cheerful smile.
  2. Closed-mouth Pistachios: These pistachios have their shells closed but can be transformed into open-mouth pistachios through mechanical opening (MO).


Varieties of In-shell Pistachios:


  • Round Pistachio (Fandoghi)

Round Pistachio (Fandoghi) is meticulously sourced and harvested, guided by extensive farm analysis records. This results in pistachios of the highest quality, known for their natural taste and the exquisite aroma characteristic of supreme Iranian pistachios.

With a satisfyingly crispy texture that leaves a delightful aftertaste, our Round Pistachios come in two varieties: naturally opened (NO) and mechanically opened (MO). They are available in regular sizes including 28-30, 30-32, and 32-34 (berry count per ounce).

These pistachios are incredibly versatile, offered in raw, roasted, and roasted & salted options. Whether enjoyed as an entertaining snack with the kernel effortlessly separating from the shell or as a part of a Trail Mix featuring other nuts and dried fruits, Round Pistachio (Fandoghi) is a delightful choice.

Our commitment to quality extends to dietary preferences as well, as Round Pistachio (Fandoghi) is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free. In addition to its renowned name, it is also affectionately known as Fandoghi Pistachio.


  • Super Long Pistachio (Akbari)

Among the diverse array of pistachios, Akbari pistachios stand out as a traditional favorite known for their unique taste and texture. These pistachios belong to the “long” category, and their exceptional flavor has earned them a special place among pistachio enthusiasts. Akbari pistachios are available in sizes ranging from 20-22, 22-24, to 24-26.

With their distinctive characteristics and time-honored appeal, Akbari pistachios offer a truly indulgent pistachio experience. For those seeking the rich heritage and exceptional taste of pistachios, Akbari is a choice that transcends time and expectations.


  • Long Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei)


Among the various types of pistachios, the distinctive Ahmad Aghaei pistachios belong to the “long” category. What sets them apart is their elongated shape, although the exact length can vary. These pistachios are easily recognizable not only by their form but also by their unique characteristics.

In contrast to other pistachio varieties, Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are known for their bony white shells and distinct flavor profile. They are available in different size classifications, including 22/24, 24/26, and 26/28.

This variety offers a delightful contrast to other pistachio types, making it a sought-after choice for those who appreciate the nuances of pistachio flavors and textures.

  • Semi-Long Pistachio (Badami)


Badami pistachios belong to the “long” category of pistachio shapes. What distinguishes them most is their slender, reedy appearance, setting them apart from varieties like Ahmad Aghaei. Badami pistachios are available in sizes ranging from 28-30 to 30-32.

This unique variety offers a distinct pistachio experience, characterized by its elongated shape and nuanced flavor. For those who appreciate the diversity of pistachio profiles, Badami pistachios are a choice worth savoring.


  • Jumbo Pistachio (Kale Ghoochi)

Kalleh Ghochi pistachios, a part of the Round Pistachios Family, are known for their impressive size and belong to the “Jumbo” category. What distinguishes them is their remarkable size and robust appearance. These pistachios are available in various sizes, including 20-22, 22-24, and 24-26.

Kalleh Ghochi pistachios offer a truly indulgent pistachio experience, characterized by their larger-than-life presence and distinct flavor. For those who seek the grandeur of pistachios, Kalleh Ghochi is a delightful choice that stands out in both size and taste.


Shelled Pistachio Kernels

Shelled pistachio kernels, as the name suggests, are pistachio nuts from which the shells have been removed. These kernels are categorized based on when they are harvested and the type of processing they undergo. The main classifications are:

  • Regular Pistachio Kernel (Shelled Pistachio): These kernels come from fully ripe, closed-mouth pistachios and are a common choice for consumption.
  • Kaal Pistachio Kernel (Early-picked):

These kernels are obtained from unripe, early-picked, closed-mouth pistachios, offering a different taste and texture.


  • Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel:

This variety involves peeling the kernel, revealing a unique green hue. Chefs often favor these kernels for their distinct appearance and flavor.

In summary, pistachios present themselves in various forms, from the protective in-shell nuts to the versatile shelled kernels. Each variety has its place in culinary creations, offering a range of tastes and textures to satisfy every palate.


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